7 Reasons Why Being a Toddler’s Parent is Impossible

I love my toddler unconditionally. He is funny, full of love and excitement about life, and is a chatterbox. I enjoy learning about how he sees the world, and watching him grow into a pretty cool person. But sometimes, being his mom stinks.

Being a toddler parent stinks because:

  1. “Potty Trained” doesn’t mean that he goes in the potty 100% of the time. Sometimes, he pees on the floor, or the wall, or…
  2. I can NEVER figure out what his favorite food is. His reaction to everything, including yesterday’s favorite oranges, is, “I don’t like that.” (“Dude. Try it.””Oh yeah! It’s my favorite!”)
  3. Anytime one of us says anything slightly inappropriate, it is immediately part of his vocabulary. This means that we have to constantly monitor our speech, the television, and those around us for their language. It’s exhausting.
  4. Toddler parents never get to go to the potty alone. Sometimes, you just want some peace and quiet!
  5. Often, our tot will demand our attention, but as soon as he gets it, he just stares at us, wondering why we are talking to him.
  6. The messes. They’re endless.
  7. Sticky hand prints… on everything & every one.

Right now, I’m at school and my students are in art class. I’m thumbing through pictures of my toddler to use in this post and am overwhelmed by his cuteness, and can’t wait to go home and snuggle both of my amazing kids. My joyful toddler makes me laugh every day, and I can’t wait to see what he comes up with this afternoon. Being a parent is filled with paradoxes…

toddler 1
Jasper demanded to see a firetruck. We waited for 20 minutes in line, he got in this one, and then REFUSED to see any others.
toddler 2
This is “Benny.” He INSISTED that the train is Thomas’ friend, and then screamed when there was no face on the front.
toddler 3
Jasper screamed because he wanted us to get in with him. Then he screamed because he wanted us to sit and watch him.

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