The Guy Who Finally Stopped My Baby’s Screaming

Sawyer was born with a lip & tongue tie, but it took us weeks to sort it out.

When he was tiny, he would cry for hours on end, unless we bounced vigorously on the yoga ball, carefully cradling his head while we worked our core muscles past the point of exhaustion.


When I had my consultation with the pediatrician and the lactation consultant surrounding Sawyer’s lip and tongue tie, we discussed this fussiness as part of his symptoms. They both suggested taking him to a chiropractor.

Patrick visits a chiropractor regularly, and I see someone when I feel like I need an adjustment, so our family has a bit of familiarity with the field. I wasn’t nervous, but a bit doubtful, when I took my seven week old to the chiropractor for the first time.

Our pediatrician recommended Dr. Dan of Westborough Family Chiropractic– he is located right across the street from the landmark Regatta Sub shop.

His receptionist was bubbly, and Dr. Dan cooed at Sawyer while he did a quick feel of his spine and hips. He was also attentive to my own description of a tightness that I felt in my baby’s back, and did a few adjustments. I didn’t see a magic wand, or any other type of hocus-pocus, but the guy clearly worked his magic on Sawyer.

That night, our baby only made us bounce him for thirty minutes.

We returned a week later, and Dr. Dan did a couple of more adjustments, and Sawyer was noticeably less tight in his back. And that night… he didn’t need to be bounced at all!

Sawyer’s demeanor has noticeably changed. This could also be attributed to his new and improved, post-surgical mouth, and a maturing digestive system. But one thing is for sure- my kid is much happier, now.

We’ve gone back for a maintenance adjustment, and I plan to take my little guy back to Dr. Dan throughout the summer to help maintain his newly aligned self.



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