Westborough Sushi Guide

When I was growing up, there might have been sushi available in town, but my family certainly didn’t eat any.

Today, Westborough is full of options for great sushi, and the suburbanites are flocking. But how do you know which one to go to? Well, just like deciding the best route around the rotary at rush hour, it takes a seasoned expert.

Here is the Tobiasson Family Breakdown of Westborough Sushi:

Mandarin– Great stereotypical American Chinese Food. Easy dine-in or take out, in a family friendly restaurant. The sushi isn’t all that special, but if you’re eating in a crowd that doesn’t necessarily love sushi, it is a great option.  Best Roll: spicy crunchy tuna. One Word Summary: Predictable

Yama Zakura– This is THE place to go for sushi, although it is technically in Northrboro. They have creative hand rolls, delicious specials, and lots of truly fresh fish options. Unfortunately, it is a bit pricey an can get really crowded; tables are pushed together more like restaurants in the city than the ‘burbs. Service is nothing short of fantastic, though. Best Roll: lobster bomb. One Word Summary: Delicious.

Saporro– This is a Korean barbeque restaurant, and has nice table side hibachi. Their sushi is a lot more creative than Mandarin, and shows strong Korean (spicy!) influences. We prefer them for take-out, as the bar can get lively- that’s probably a reason for those without kids to dine- in. Best Roll: Mexican. One Word Summary: Spicy.

Sachi Steak and Sushi– They have a trendy decor, and fast, attentive service. There is a hibachi table in the back that is perfect for “tweens” and first dates. They have reasonably priced and fresh sushi; Patrick ordered a couple of the pricier rolls and they came with a soup or salad. Best Roll: Royal King. One Word Summary: Suburban

Sake Hana– This is the restaurant that took over Hisa’s space when they closed. They kept the adorable “traditional” Japanese tables at the back, but their service was a bit lack luster and their rolls really weren’t that special. We had a groupon when we went, so I didn’t feel like I was over paying. Best Roll: Tekka One Word Summary: Meh.

Maruyama– This was opened by the people who used to own Hisa. They do Mexican burritos and sushi; it is a terrific place to go for lunch. This restaurant is a bit lacking in ambiance, but their food is solid. Best Roll: Rainbow One Word Summary: Lunchrush

Tenka– They have a great bar and offer a hibachi table. They can be hit or miss with the freshness of their fish, but their drink menu is always great. Best Roll: Idaho One Word Summary: Dinks.

Bauhinia– This used to be Golden’s Steakhouse. They still have the cathedral ceilings and huge fireplace. Before kids, Patrick and I would go to this place about once a week. They’re really a Chinese food restaurant, and have a great buffet on the weekends. They offer huge booths and a family friendly atmosphere. Their sushi is very reasonably priced, and even though they’re technically in Shrewsbury, they are one of our favorite places for take-out. Best Roll: Spicy Scallop. One Word Summary:Bargain



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