The Second Kid is Totally Different

After Jasper was born, I refused to visit any restaurants. I was too nervous.

What if he pooped and I had to use that disgusting changing table thing in the bathroom? Where would we put his car seat? What if he cried? What if (gasp!) I had to feed him at the restaurant?

Eventually, we made it out with Jasper, but to this day, he still isn’t really a restaurant pro. And I still get nervous about taking him out.

This time around, I’m not afraid.

My parents helped out with Jasper last Friday, and generously offered to have him sleep over. So, Patrick and I decided to light up the town, baby #2 in tow.

We got our table at a prompt 6 o’clock, and were done a brief 45 minutes later- but it was awesome.

Using the trick of a friend who helped me brave restaurants with baby #1 (Thanks, Jen!) I flipped the high chair over and we plopped the car seat atop it. Sawyer slept the whole time. Patrick had a bottle ready, and the minivan was staged with a changing table, but we didn’t need either.

Instead, we had 45 minutes of adult time. Out in public.

Did I mention it was awesome?!



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