Why My Baby Farts so Much: This and Other Symptoms I Wish I Had Known About

Last week, we learned that Sawyer is lip and tongue tied. When meeting with the lactation consultants at Milford Regional Hospital, and Jeanette at Babies in Common, I learned that there were a lot of signs of tongue & lip tie that Sawyer exhibits that I didn’t know about. I wish that I had sorted all of this out sooner, for his health and mine.

Both women were amazingly encouraging and supportive, and put together some great resources for me to help Sawyer get it corrected. (And Lindsay from the block helped me find a great dentist!) These women all helped to put my mind at ease, but I’m putting this out there for anyone who might be able to discover a tongue/lip tie sooner. (Did you know that pediatricians and hospitals often don’t even check or worry about lip/tongue tie if the baby is gaining weight? What about speech/ comfort/breast infections/ breastfeeding?)

Some of the symptoms I wished I had known about include:

  1. His upper lip rolls under when he feeds
  2. His belly is really loud- he ingests a lot of air while feeding
  3. He farts a lot (see #2)
  4. He “clicks” or “pops” in his mouth while feeding
  5. If you look at his gums, you can see that they’re worn down from all of the biting he does while feeding (ouch.)
  6. If you put your finger in his mouth, you can feel that the back of his tongue moves much more than the front of his tongue while he is sucking
  7. He has a white film on his tongue that easily, painlessly  scrapes off
  8. His tiny baby lips are blistered

The lactation consultants were both able to quickly help me see, and better understand, what is going on in Sawyer’s mouth and why it is causing my mastitis. I don’t know why I didn’t have them check sooner! So, if you know anyone who is struggling to feed their baby- please make sure that they reach out for help. It’s out there!



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