Dandelion Execution

Although we love our house, we bought it knowing that no one had nurtured the lawn and gardens for decades.

With the help of Nute Landscaping, we took out the (random) and ugly rock gardens that dominated the backyard last year. 

My mission this year is to eliminate all of the dandelions in our front yard.

The system I use is one that seems a bit odd, but is very effective. My dad and Patrick’s grandfather both swear by it, so don’t laugh.

  1. Procure old steak knife
  2. Hunt down dandelions
  3. Loosen soil around weed with the knife
  4. Pull gently to remove the enemy from lawn

Last year, I sprayed the front yard with dandelion killer a couple of times, and it took over a month to get to the root of  the stubborn weeds. Then, there were brown spots ALL over our yard.

On the other hand, this strategy is instantly effective, and doesn’t have any negative side effects.

I spend about 5 minutes a day, and so far, our yard is looking better than ever…. which might not be saying that much.

dandy 1


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