5 Wierd Things You Need to Buy for Your Newborn (or Baby Shower Gift)

As a second time mom, I had all of the baby gear left over from Jasper, but some of it I haven’t really used this time around. Other stuff I find myself surprised to be using more often. Here’s the Tobiassons’ list of must-have-things for a newborn.

1. A trash can with a lid. Other people buy those expensive diaper genie things, but let’s be real. Newborns go through A LOT of diapers, and really, a can with a good lid and foot pedal are easier to navigate at 3am when you’re sleep deprived. Plus, they fit more than a day’s worth of diapers in them.    

2.Lots of cloth diaper liners. We don’t use these in the diapers, but newborns are messy. We use about 5 of these a day to clean up the various fluids and messes that Sawyer makes, and they are currently strewn about our house. 


3. An awesome baby carrier, that you know how to use. I wear Sawyer for a minimum of 8 hours a day. Seriously. I would never be able to get off of the couch if I didn’t have him in the sling

4. A bottle brush. Bottles and pump supplies are annoying and hard to clean. Having a bottle brush that you like makes a huge difference, as they can easily navigate the tiny parts of the feeding supplies needed for a newborn. 

5.Yoga Ball. When Sawyer is inconsolable, if we bounce up and down on the ball, holding him, he almost always quiets down.

While this isn’t a comprehensive list, these are the things that Patrick and I use every day, that I feel we couldn’t get through the day without.

Wait! I almost forgot about chocolate. Both of us are consuming more chocolate than ever- but we deserve it, right?


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