Giving in to a Craving

Patrick LOVES hot dogs.

At one point, he was eating about 16 a week. That’s a LOT of processed meat.

He’s done a great job with the diet that we started in November, which trades processed foods in favor of whole foods with more nutrients. He’s eating a balanced diet, with grains, proteins, vegetables and fruits.

But he missed hot dogs.

So, on my last great adventure to Stop & Shop, I bought some “tube steaks” that were mostly on the diet.¬† (While this meal wasn’t necessarily¬†healthy¬†it also wasn’t far enough for him to count it as one of his cheat meals.)

Patrick was pretty excited.

He doctored them up and scarfed them down faster than… well, let’s just say I was lucky to get the camera out in time to document the event.



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