Potty Train a Toddler in 2 Days

We did a TON of research before we potty trained Jasper. (I read 2 different blog posts, and made Patrick read the second. That counts as ample reading, right?)

I started the experiment last summer, about 9 long months ago. Whenever we were home for a few hours at a time, I would set Jasper up “commando style” and he would run to the potty or urinal any time that he needed to pee.

But that’s not really potty trained. (If he was wearing pants, or the conditions weren’t right, Jasper would just let it fly.)

Our childcare provider encouraged us to wait until he was ready, so we didn’t really push things.

Last month, Sawyer made his appearance in our family, and our house was turned upside down in an effort to meet the needs of a newborn. So, Jasper naturally decided that he was ready to ditch the diapers forever.

After reviewing my research, we followed these easy steps and had a totally potty trained toddler in two days.

  1. Get a potty ready, and prepare the house. Curl up the area rugs, and cover the couches- there are probably going to be a lot of accidents. (Jasper had 2 accidents on the first two days- all of them happened while he was eating, and was far too distracted to think about anything else.)
  2. Celebrate the end of diapers. We literally sang songs about throwing those expensive things away. And made a cake. There should always be cake to celebrate big life events.
  3. Fill your kid up with juice, and take away the diapers. Have your kid walk around with or without pants, and encourage lots of trips to the potty, to reinforce the new routine. (Jasper drinks a lot, but we figured- hey! Follow the rules! He peed 20 times in the first two hours. I’m not exaggerating.)
  4. Prompt your toddler to pee every 5-10 minutes on the first day, and then 15-20 on the second. (This sounds manageable, until you consider the fact that we have an infant who needs to be fed every 2 hours around the clock, as well as multiple diaper changes, and that neither of us had any sleep before beginning this. And all 4 of us were stuck inside. Together. For 48 hours.)
  5. Keep up the good work, with lots of positive feedback. (Jasper was given an M & M for every time he used the potty without our prompting. Our house is normally sugar-free, so this weekend was pretty exciting. Did I mention that we were all locked up together the WHOLE weekend?)

Its been 2 weeks, and Jasper has had very few accidents. His Paw Patrol undies are usually dry, and Jasper is happy to boast to all who will listen that he no longer needs diapers.  SUCCESS!


Please stop and leave a comment! I love knowing who stopped by, and what your thoughts are!

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