Hollistic Medicine & Avoiding Antibiotics

We live in an age when infants and children are regularly prescribed antibiotics.

Thank God.

I can’t imagine what life before penicillin was like, and I am so grateful to have easy access to great medical facilities.

But sometimes, antibiotics can be avoided. Garlic oil honestly helps 50% of Jasper’s earaches go away without a trip to the doctor. (The other 50% of the time he gobbles down the pink antibiotics our doctor prescribes.) As parents, we feel like we would like our kids systems to balance out on their own, without medicine, if possible, but we realize that doctors know best, and that antibiotics save lives.

So, when Sawyer developed a goopy eye a day after he was born, I was ready to try a couple of things before we turned to antiobiotics. (Our doctor checked- no fever, no redness- just a plugged tear duct!)

Hollistic medicine suggested dropping some breastmilk in his eyes, and warm compresses. That didn’t help, but the doctor assured me it wasn’t getting any worse.

Then we tried her next hollistic option camomile tea compresses-  it honestly worked!

I’m glad we were able to avoid giving our newborn antibiotics, but I’m equally grateful that they were readily available, if we needed them.


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