My Kid Wouldn’t Eat His Vegetables… But I Didn’t Care

squash“Please, just one bite?” I pleaded.

“NO!” Jasper stubbornly frowned.

“You don’t want any orange stuff? I LOVE mine!!”

“NOO!!” he said, his anger growing.

I took a deep breath, and looked to Patrick, who shrugged.

“He ate all of his steak, and had a great snack at 4:00,” he assented.

Sighing over my labors, I scooped the final delicious bites of mixed vegetables off of my own plate, and agreed to let Jasper leave the table.

I had peeled and chopped carrots and butternut squash, and set them to roast with garlic in the oven for an hour. Then, I worked to puree them and added in a bit of butter and almond milk. I’m honestly not a huge vegetable fan, but these things were tasty.¬†


And my kid wouldn’t eat them.

Sometimes, people aren’t hungry. Or they don’t like certain foods. (Or they have an ear infection…) In our house, it is alright not to eat everything on your plate. We are working hard to help our kids develop healthy eating habits; they don’t need to clean their plates, or like everything I cook.

Jasper is ¬†great eater- he has been known to gobble down duck, blue cheese chop salad, and butternut squash soup with goat cheese. We don’t make him any special meals, but we also don’t stress out when he doesn’t like something.

Deep breaths, and patience- the hardest part of parenting a toddler.


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