One Change That Helped My Husband Lose 25lbs in 3 months

We haven’t made a secret of our new lifestyle, or how much we enjoy the many changes that we’ve made this year. Honestly, there is one secret that has caused all of this weight loss.

When we joined the gym, and started making these changes, we had very different goals. Patrick wanted to fit into his pants from 3 years ago, and I wanted to model better eating and lifestyle habits for our kid(s).

Jasper has developed a strong distaste for chicken nuggets, and would choose steak and zucchini over boxed mac’n’cheese any day of the week. All of us exercise and stretch more regularly. I feel like we’re making good headway, there. Last week, Patrick proudly announced that his pants fit again. (Really, is there any victory that feels better than that?!)

None of these changes are revolutionary, or mind-boggling.

It has really only been 3 months since he started to make the changes that precipitated the weight loss. Patrick has lost a noteworthy 25 pounds, to date.

All of this was done with a moody, pregnant wife, busy job and boisterous toddler who demands tons of attention. I’m genuinely proud of the efforts that Patrick has made- they were anything but easy.

All of this change really boils down to one secret…


We don’t make excuses.

If either of us are “too tired” to exercise, we push the other to give it our best, instead of surrendering to the couch. Patrick  and I think about food, and exercise, in a completely different way than we did 4 months ago.

L Patrick didn’t eat well on a given day, it was because he didn’t make it a priority . He owns the fact that what he puts into his body is his choice. Every day, we make hundreds pf choices about the food we put into our bodies, and how we treat them.

As a family, we are putting ourselves first.

No matter what.

We are changing our habits, and know that there may be setbacks. But together, we can do anything.


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