Catch 22 of Toddler Life

“Don’t worry, Kate. Jasper won’t be young forever. Soon, he won’t be crawling into your bed at night,” my friend consoled, after I noted my exhaustion at helping my toddler through a night of painful ear infections.

I smiled at her words, but inwardly, I reflected on how thankful I am for having an independent toddler.

When Jasper woke up screaming last week, writhing in pain, Patrick cuddled our sad boy in his bed, doing his best to soothe him while I went in search of a pain reliever. After the Advil took effect, Jasper woke up, visibly frustrated.

“You want me to leave, Buddy?” Patrick guessed.

“Yes! You sleep in your bed. I sleep here!!” he whined.

Some days, having a strong willed, independent child can be exhausting. Other days, his strong sense of self couldn’t bring me more pride.


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