Getting Older, and Wiser- Happy Birthday, Patrick

Thirty-two was a year of change for both Patrick and I. Tomorrow, he will be 33, and I couldn’t be prouder of how our family has grown since his last birthday.

We spent much of the last year preparing for  the birth of our second child (any day now!), and changing the way that we function as a family. In the last twelve months, we have invested a lot in ourselves. We:

1. Gave up Diet Coke and aspartame

2.Began eating 4-5 times per day   (Patrick was eating 1-2 times a day- this was a huge adjustment for him!)

3.Now, we drink tons of water  (we both shoot for about 100 ounces)

4. Cut back on the booze (for caloric and pregnancy reasons)

5. Eat local, organic food, whenever possible- especially our meat

6. Go to the gym and exercise 2-3 times a week

7. Continue to have date nights- whenever possible

None of these changes have been easy, but we made them- together. We continue to support one another in helping each other stick to these changes, and remain strong to our commitment to prioritize our health and our family. I am so glad that I get to call Patrick my husband, and that our kid has a dad who he can look to as a strong example for good choices.

Happy birthday to the greatest guy I know.

If we only knew what lay ahead… this photo was taken  on Patrick’s 21st Birthday!!





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