My Enemy Comes to Our Rescue

We’re really lucky parents- Jasper is a genuinely happy toddler, and while he may whine and pout, he very rarely cries.

So, when I found him crying in the arms of one of his teachers at school at the end of the day yesterday, I was instantly alarmed.

“What’s the matter, baby?” I cooed, pulling him into my own arms.

“He has a little fever… so many kids are sick right now,” the teacher fussed over him.

We got into the car, and he started to howl, but once we were home Jasper seemed to recover. I got dinner into him, and he played happily with Patrick before bed. He fell asleep, exhausted, and dosed up with a bit of Tylenol.

Then, at 10:15, I was startled awake by the sounds of my favorite toddler crying. Patrick stumbled into his room, and cuddled him up, trying to get the sobs to stop. Nothing seemed to help.

One of us thought to touch his ears, which produced only louder howls. I gave him a dose of garlic oil, and then called the pediatrician’s office. The nurse on call was sympathetic and sweet. She agreed with my diagnosis of an ear infection.

“He’ll need some Advil or Motrin, and then you can bring him in tomorrow for a check-up first thing,” she advised, giving me the proper dosage.

“Yikes,” I thought to myself.

We don’t have any baby Advil, and the nearest 24 hour pharmacy was a 20 minute drive. The idea of leaving Jasper to sob for another hour seemed unbearable. So, I took a deep breath and took to google.

Stop & Shop, my nemesis, the store in town with THE WORST customer service, was open for another 20 minutes.

I threw my coat and shoes on over my pajamas, and dashed to the store. I was there and back, stocked up on medicine, within 20 minutes.

So, it turns out, even my enemy has some good points…

And Jasper’s back to feeling more like himself.



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