Our Kid is a Chocolohic

Finally, after three years, my kid is finally acting like he has a little bit of my DNA.

It all happened on a dark, humid night in February. My parents were nice enough to watch Jasper, while Pat and I were both out at meetings.

“I have a head mistake. I need a ice pack!” Jasper whined to my dad.

“Ok, can you show me where they are?” Pops responded, following Jasper into the kitchen.

Our toddler yanked the freezer drawer open with all of his might, and then fished out an ice pack with a lady bug on it.

“Look, Pops! A ladybug!” He proudly proclaimed, demanding that my father take the pack and look at it.

While his supervisor was distracted, the little sneak quickly stuck his hand back into the freezer and removed one of the Hershey kisses that I hide. Before Pops could question him, he dashed to the corner of the room, hiding his stash from sight, and removing the silver foil. In an instant, the morsel was in his mouth, being devoured more quickly than a Labrador could scarf a piece of stolen bacon.

“What do you have?!” Pops asked, scandalized.

“Noo–thing…” Jasper responded, chocolate dripping from his mouth.

My chocoholic knew exactly how to dig into the stash, and made a super effort to hide his crimes.

I’m not sure weather I should be horrified or proud.

Image result for toddler chocolate


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