Gluten/Corn/Sugar Free/ Low Fat/ Taste Bud and Wallet Friendly!

One of the women at Athletic Revolution posted a great recipe about spaghetti squash enchiladas last week on facebook. I’m not a huge fan of spaghetti squash, so I decided to use her recipe as inspiration for one of my meal-prepping extravaganzas.

I pan fried a bit of chicken, just enough to brown it. While that was going, I threw a chopped onion and  a can of organic enchilada sauce into the slow cooker.

food 5

After adding the chicken, I set up a cup of rice to cook, and shredded 4 zucchinis. I pressed them through a strainer, and used some paper towels to wick off some of the moisture, so that they wouldn’t water down the spices, and then layered them in the cooker. Then, I poured in two cans of rinsed black beans.

food 4

Once the rice was done, a added 2 tablespoons of our favorite southwestern spice blend, and layered it on top of the beans. I added a couple of garlic cubes, and then topped the whole things with two cans of chopped tomatoes.

food 2

The whole thing cost less than $15. Even though we all ate second helpings, it still made about 3 dinners worth of food. If you’re doing the math, that means that I was able to put together this really healthy, well balanced meal for $1.67 per very generous serving. And it was seriously delicious- our toddler LOVED it!!




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