Meal Prepping Extravaganza

“Mommy, what are you making?” Jasper shouted from his chair at the dinner table for the fifth time.

The clock blinked 5:45, marking a solid 30-45 minutes before I would be finished.

“Dinner!” I shouted over the whir of the fan, stove and oven.

“But what?” Jasper prodded, again.

“Zucchini… chicken…” I replied.

With only four weeks to go until baby #2 arrives, I have been working hard to stock our freezers and cabinets with easy, nutritious food to get us through the first few hectic weeks with a newborn. Last week, I added some delicious butternut squash soup and meatballs; last night I added some organic, (truly!) whole grain breaded chicken strips and zucchini enchilada casserole. Of course, if I’m going to bother to make some for the freezer, I also made some for us to eat, this week!

“There is so much!!”Jasper exclaimed, this time moving a chair over to more closely examine the piles of food, lines of beans and trays I had set up all over the island and counters.

“I know. I’m making… five dinners!” I smiled back, counting and parceling out food in my head.

“But why?! We only need ONE dinner!” He pouted, hoping that I would turn my undivided attention back in his direction for the remainder of the evening.

“I know, but after your brother comes, we will need these,” I responded, pulling the dry-erase markers out from the drawer.

“Hmph!” He shrugged back, happy to have a task.

Jasper spent the next 30 minutes creating a masterpiece on the fridge, and I was able to get 3 meals ready to freeze. The pile of dishes at the end of the night was proof that I put in a full day’s work.


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