How to Make a Snow Day Mess

Jasper still hates going outside in the snow, despite my most heartfelt pleas and attempts at bribery. I love building snowmen, and our tot’s resolute disdain for snow is heartbreaking. Plus, cabin fever is a pretty serious problem in New England during February.

Desperate, I racked my brain for ideas about how to entertain a rambunctious two-year old. After four days of snow, we had already gone through all of the toys, craft cabinet and fort-building activities that usually entertained us.

“Oooo…. how about if we paint… WITH SNOW?” I asked Jasper, amping up my excitement, and praying that he would consent.


Relieved, I filled our muffin tin with snow, and then added a bit of paint to the snow.

Jasper couldn’t have been more thrilled.

Then, I brought over some hot water, and showed him how to melt the stuff, and mix the colors in the water.

“Its blue…. NOW PURPLE!!” He shouted at the top of his lungs.

We were both so happy and excited. I let him loose on the paint, and encouraged his mess-making skills, relieved that Jasper was smiling and laughing after spending 4 days locked up inside.

The activity lasted a solid 25 minutes, and clean-up was another 60.

There was paint on the walls, the floor and the table. He dumped the contents of the muffin tin and bowl onto the floor, spilling paint and water all over the kitchen. And he had paint all over himself. There were rings of paint in the tub when we were done, and piles of towels to be washed.

It was awesome.


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