Who did it best?

As I’ve said before, our family is focused around the importance of spending time together, instead of on “stuff.”

This Christmas, I gave everyone in the family a gift certificate from The Art Emporium for a Paint Night. The Art Emporium is a locally owned and operated small business, that sells everything an artist could need. The owner, Ed Turner, has been a customer at D &M Insurance for a couple of decades.  When I was studying design in college, the professors and students in my classes would often admire the super fun things that I found at his store- from portfolio cases to watercolor crayons and pencils.

Ed lead the class at the Vin Bin, which as a 4 minute drive from the Cul-de Sac. There was wine tasting included in our class, and my dad appreciated having my share. (Only 5 weeks until baby #2 arrives! Wahoo!)

I had a truly delicious sandwich, and we all laughed A LOT.

It was really fun, and was more about being creative and artistic than some of the typical “Paint Nights.” Ed lead a fun, relaxed class, and the great food and wine made for a terrific evening.

Who did it best?



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