It got to the point that I was forcing down Cheez-Its.


I was hungry all of the time, but the minute I tried to eat, nausea would overpower me. It was awful.

I tried to look on the bright side- I mean, how many times have I been on a diet, and starving, wishing that food didn’t look so appealing? Plus, I was still able to sleep at night… unless one of the waves of nausea was striking.

I dragged myself to Monday night “gentle” (read: meditation) yoga class at Marlborough Yoga, committed to doing all that I could to take care of my body, despite the fact that my morning sickness was beginning to take control of my life.

Before class began, I talked with Sandy, our yoga teacher,  and sadly discussed the fact that there was no way I was going to be able to spend any time laying on the floor.  She was quick to modify the exercises for me.

We did a lot of deep stretches of the hips and neck, and at some point, I felt something click. When I got home, it was time to read books with Jasper, which is usually one of my favorite things to do.

But I was HUNGRY. 

So, I asked Patrick to read books while I scarfed a peanut butter and jelly, afraid that the morning sickness would come back at any minute. Then, I ate a banana. (If you’re counting that’s the closest thing I had to a balanced meal in 7 days…)

It has been a couple of days, and I’m not going to lie- I’m still wary that the nausea could return at any minute.

But I did call Sandy, gushing with joy and appreciation for the fact that I have my life back. She let me know that she led the class through some exercises that would help the baby move if he needed to, and that she did a couple of targeted stretches during our meditation that focus on releasing the vertebrate that often cause nausea.

I’ve been doing them religiously, each day since. And I ate an extra 400 calories yesterday. It was awesome! I can’t wait to go to the gym to burn them off, and return to my normal eating routine.

Thanks Sandy & Marlboro Yoga for helping me get back to myself!!



  1. Hi, I have been really enjoying your blog. I am in BNI with Patrick, so glad you found Svaroopa(r) Yoga. Just to let you know I teach Svaroopa(r) Yoga right here in Westborough at Sohum Yoga Studio on Lyman St. if you want to try a class closer to home.

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  2. Patrick has mentioned you, Carol! I’ve been working with Sandy on and off for a few years- I feel truly blessed to have developed a connection with such a great guide. From what I hear, you do a wonderful job of connecting with members in your classes, too! This rapport helps deepen the amazing impact that yoga can have in our lives!!


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