I thought I Escaped. But I Was Wrong

I really wasn’t emotionally prepared for “morning sickness.”

When I was pregnant with Jasper, I exercised regularly, worked on school stuff, did my best to eat healthy food and took A LOT of naps. While I wasn’t always comfortable, I never struggled with any of the awful side effects of pregnancy- like morning sickness. Because I hadn’t experienced any morning sickness with Jasper, I imagined that I had somehow escaped the awful, overwhelming nausea that strikes so many expectant mothers.

So, when morning sickness struck this time around, I was blindsided. I spent most days  over the summer chasing a toddler, trying to manage our household, getting house projects done, re-writing a curriculum, and trying not to vomit.

Patrick, who showed his love for me every day, would give me a 10 minute break at 11:30 during his lunch break.

I was exhausted.

Fortunately, as summer faded into fall, my morning sickness waned, and I had an pleasant second trimester. We started eating a more organic, balanced diet and Patrick and I started exercising at a local gym a few days a week.

Then, earlier this week, the queasiness returned without warning.

It’s been 60 hours, and the overwhelming feeling of “morning sickness” has yet to subside.

Once again, Patrick and Jasper have been the best supports that a mom could ask for. The students have been amazingly empathetic, and the trainer at my gym assured me that he can help me get back into shape this spring, even if I spend the next eight weeks eating munchkins, bagels and cheese-its. (The only foods that don’t make my stomach turn.) I’m just not sure that I’m going to be able to do any cafeteria duty this term… 




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