How Close to Stand Next to a Naked Man

As the only female in our house, I should consider myself lucky that the toilet seat is almost always down. My boys take care of me.

(There was that night, long ago in Grafton, when I fell in because the seat wasn’t down. But let’s not talk about that.)

Soon, I’m going to be really out numbered (3-1!), so I made the decision to install a urinal into our main bath. This seems like a reasonable investment in ensuring that our house continue to run smoothly.

We’re still in the earliest stages of potty training Jasper, so most nights, after his last diaper change of the day, we just let him run around without clothes and encourage him to use the potty.

He almost never has an accident, but this does mean that every day, our kid runs around, bare-ass naked for a while.

For better or for worse, our kid is blessed with our gene pool. This means, among other things, that he isn’t very tall. So climbing atop the potty when he needs to go is something akin to climbing Everest with a full bladder.

Solution: the frog urinal.

It has cute little eyes, and an open mouth, and a little spinny thing to encourage aim. Jasper proudly stands right next to it each day, filling the little trough and then emptying it into the potty himself.

So, if you’re in our house, and see the frog, don’t stand too close. Jasper’s aim still isn’t that great.



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