Toddler Parenting 101: Winter Races

Winter arrived when we were vacationing in New Hampshire, and I felt like all of the training I had been doing all summer was about to be put to the test.

Any parent knows that the trouble with winter and toddlers is the amount of time required to fully dress for the snow.  After some expert negotiating, I was able to convince Jasper to put on his snow pants and coat. When I turned around to find his mittens, I discovered he had taken off all of the bulky winter gear.

I re-negotiated the same terms we had agreed on previously, and this time, had the hat and mittens in hand. After only 3 attempts, the boots were on his feet and Jasper looked ready to brave any Arctic winter.

Then, I worked to get my pregnant self dressed as quickly as humanly possible. My parents tried really hard to help in this process, but no amount of pleading could convince Jasper to keep his gloves or mittens on.

I dug out the knitted mittens he’s been wearing all winter, as sweat began to trickle down my back.

Finally, we were ready. Only 12 minutes had passed. I felt like victory was mine.

snow 2 snow 3

When we stepped outside, I realized what I fool I had been.

Jasper had fun for about 3 minutes. Then, his mittens had snow on them, and it was time to go in. The tears grew bigger, and louder, by the second.

We all scrambled inside, and did our best to whip him out of his gear.

This race has been repeated daily for the last week, in an effort to fight the much feared “Cabin Fever” that so often strikes during winter. While I haven’t been able to shave much time off of our dressing routine, the time outside has increased to 12 minutes.

snow 1

That’s a win, right?


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