The Best Part of Being a Parent

The sound of gravel crunched under our feet, and the promise of winter soon to arrive filled the air. Jasper’s excitement from Christmas day continued well into vacation week, and there was nothing that could bring him down.

Without much snow to ski on, Attitash didn’t have its usual fun winter activities to engage in, so we decided to take the Conway Scenic Railroad one afternoon.

train 4
Fun with Pops- Look at the SNOW!! (There was a dusting on the ground… I swear…)

Jasper, Patrick, my parents and I all loaded into the Batmobile (our name for the minivan) with a stash of sandwiches.

We drove the short 15 minutes to the train depot in downtown North Conway, and I was thrilled that Jasper remembered the train adventure we had shared there last summer, with Thomas.

He couldn’t wait for another ride on the train.

It was a brief 55 minute journey (25 minutes each way to Conway) and Jasper lit up with glee each time that the engine sounded the horn. He would scramble to me, cover his ears (dropping the banana, peanut butter sandwich or sippy cup) and feign utter fear.

I found myself feeling grateful that winter decided to arrive a bit late this year, so that my parents could participate in the fun. Jasper’s excitement may not have been caught on camera (it was too much fun to watch!) but I promise, he was radiating glee the entire day.

The best part of being a parent is getting to see your kid feel this happy, and being able to share that feeling with others.




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