Toddler Sized Resolutions for the New Year

2016 is ripe with possibilities. For Jasper, it is going to bring a lot of changes, especially with the arrival of baby #2 in mid-March. If Jasper could make them, I know that his resolutions for the New Year would be honest, and full of hope. They’d be something like…

  1. Take more time to smell the roses– Our kid runs everywhere, all the time. He NEVER walks. This mode of transportation has negative consequences (like the side of the table, the leg of the couch and the corner of the cabinet,) that I know he is eager to avoid. In 2016, my kid is going to walk more. I’m sure of it.
  2. Stop sweating the small stuff-Things like tags on shirts, Batman stickers that run out of stick, and Legos that won’t stay permanently connected make Jasper really frustrated. It is time to let these things go, and be more Zen.
  3. Re-think the relationship with the word “no.” Jasper is all too happy to quickly react with “NOOO!” whenever Patrick or I ask him anything, but when he hears a “no” from any adult, his reaction is often less than pleasant. No one likes hearing “no” and it is going to take some time to develop a healthier relationship with this particular word.
  4. Say good-bye to take & toss sippy cups… FOREVER. A while back, our family tried to break-up with these cups, whose lids are forever being pulled off, and Jasper is all too happy to welcome them into his arms. They are forever creating puddles in our lives, and it is time that we really say good-bye. For good. No more desperate turns to our old familiar friend, who has failed us far too many times.

Ok, ok… Most of the things on this list are really just character traits of an independent, boisterous toddler who is voicing his opinion, or demonstrations of things that we’re working on as parents. Honestly, Jasper is a happy kid who makes us laugh every day, and we’re lucky to have a kid who is going to fill 2016 with fun, excitement and hundreds of lessons about life. I can’t wait to see what he teaches us.

But the take & toss cups are really leaving, for good. I don’t care how cheap and convenient they are.


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