Westborough’s Happiest Commuter

“THE TRAIN IS COMING!!” Jasper shouted with glee, as the wind whipped across the platform.

The lights in the commuter rail parking lot began to flash, and the buzzers sounded above.

Excitement radiated from our train-obsessed toddler, and our own faces couldn’t help but reflect his joy.

After our fun on Thomas the Train this summer, I was SUPER excited to ride on the Polar Express this December. I’m not going to lie, I raised more than an eyebrow at the hefty price of the Polar Express adventure in nearby Edaville. While the various rides and Christmas displays sounded like a lot of fun, friends warned us that the lines could be long.

My head began to swim with visions of my kid melting down in line, my wallet growing thinner, and our frustrations melting away at a time of year when our hearts should be swelling with holiday spirit.

So, we decided to take the commuter rail from Southborough to Worcester, instead. At a total cost of $20, the price was right.

train 3

As we approached the train station, Jasper’s happiness increased exponentially. He couldn’t wait for our ride on the train.

At 9am, his level of energy was 1,000 times greater than the sleepy passengers who had been riding the train in from Boston, but the MBTA workers were thrilled to see a happy face.

We got off the train in Worcester and walked around for 15 minutes, but winter was threatening to redden my kids cheeks, so we returned to Union Station and had our snacks indoors.


“Hello, Officer!” Jasper shouted at the MBTA official who was collecting tickets. The whole train erupted in laughter, which thrilled my kid more than anything else that day.

He chatted with us while he checked our tickets, and Jasper began to jump up and down as the train pulled away from the station. No amount of coaxing could help keep him in his seat.

Commuting from Worcester to Southborough was just too much fun.

The 25 minute ride home left Patrick and I exhausted- Jasper had been jumping up and down with excitement for the last hour- and we were all glad when the train pulled back into the station.

I’d say it was $20 well spent.


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