Beating All of the Other Parents at Christmas Tree Shopping


Last was Saturday was one of those weird balmy days of late fall, and I was thrilled that we could spend the day outside, together. We ventured out at 10 am, ready for some family fun. I dressed us all in matching red, to ensure that an adorable family photo could be snapped.

I love cutting down a tree at Christmas. We usually head to Ellsworth Farm, which is a 10 minute drive from our house.

They have all different kinds of trees a short walk from the parking lot, and great little Christmas Barn filled with wreaths, roping and every type of Christmas bow that you could imagine.

There is also an adorable sleigh, dressed for the season, and tons of great family photo opportunities. The trip to the barn also includes warm cider and animal cookies, which were Jasper’s favorite part of the day.

We made it to the trees in short order, and within moments, I spotted the perfect tree. It was full, fat and just the right height.

But our whole search had taken only about six minutes, so I really wasn’t satisfied.

Patrick smirked.

I rolled my eyes.

“Let’s just walk around for a bit. It is so pretty out!” I begged.

Patrick relented, with a smile. “Don’t forget, I have 35 pounds on my back.”

xmas back


I kept my promise, and our stroll short. We returned to the chosen tree, and I looked around for someone to snap our family photo.

That’s when I saw it. There were half a dozen families around us, and they were all in various stages in an argument.

None of the kids were smiling. The husbands were all grimacing, and the wives were all pleading.

“Just one more lap around, honey,” the mother would say to her husband, who dutifully trudged on, rolling his eyes.


“NO THIS ONE!!” hollered children, hoping that their mother would side with them, and that they could bring home their prize.

“Whoa… thanks for doing the extra lap,” I smiled at Patrick, grateful that I have the kind of guy who is willing to be patient with his pregnant wife.

“Yup! Thanks for keeping it short,” he called up at me from beneath the branches of the fir tree, his saw chipping away at the stump.

We made it back the the barn, posed for plenty of pictures, and enjoyed some sugary treats before we headed home.

Our tree is perfect.

Our life might not always be perfect,  but this time, we won.



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