To Shop or to Hug?

Let’s be honest.

Christmas shopping is nobody’s favorite thing to do, and all of these Black Friday deals don’t make it any more fun. Thanksgiving a day to give thanks, to be grateful for all that we have.  The following day, Black Friday, is a day for retailers to cram in shoppers, and for Americans to trample one another in search of the cheapest flat-screen TV.

Image result for black friday

It is horrifying and embarrassing that this is such a significant part of American culture.

Our family has different traditions. We try to shop local, and do our best to avoid the corporate giants. (Although I am addicted to Amazon…). Patrick and I love to cut down our own Christmas tree, and are excited to bring Jasper to a farm this year. Patrick is in the woods, hunting on Thanksgiving, like he has since he was a kid.

Traditions matter, and we are trying to help our kid to be more than just a consumer.

This weekend,we won’t be going to the mall for a picture with Santa, and we won’t be venturing into WalMart to try to save a few bucks. Jasper and I are going to start Black Friday with some leftover pie, and then we’ll head over to a locally owned toddler play place. We’ll probably both enjoy a nap, and we might even make some banana bread. No matter what we do, you can bet that the mess we make together is going to take hours to clean up.

But I promise that we’ll both take the time to enjoy all that life has given us. Christmas shopping is going to wait.



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