Don’t Get Lost in the Grammar Forest

This year, our district has finally decided that grammar matters! (As a grammarian who thought grammar was dead, this honestly excited me.) Our department head asked that all students in middle school be able to define and identify the eight parts of speech by the end of the year.

Honestly, I was excited to be given license to teach a topic that I genuinely believe in.

Any English teacher can list the ways that teaching grammar is boring for students and teachers alike, so I have dug deep to find fun activities for kids to do. (Sort index cards! Color code sentences! The Grammar Olympics!) I even dared to venture onto Pinterest to find some activities.

One thing that the kids seemed unclear about was the idea that the eight parts of speech can be broken down and further defined into subsections.

“So wait… an article is an… adjective?” I was asked a dozen times.

In a moment of desperation, I sketched a tree, showing the different branches of adjectives. Then, I drew one for pronouns…

Now I have a grammar forest in my room.

I think that the kids like it, because one brilliant kid even made me a sun.

“How can we expect our grammar forest to grow without sunlight?”





One thought on “Don’t Get Lost in the Grammar Forest

  1. A grammar forest is a new one to me. I like it! Thanks for sharing it.

    BTW: If you’re looking for a book that’ll make grammar come alive, then check out Getting Grammar. It was published by Heinemann several years ago. It helped me find ways to make grammar fun with my 4th graders.


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