The Other Kind of Cheeky

There are many cute sayings in American culture which explain why children are so like their parents. I’m not sure if it is nature or nurture (both?) but Jasper is basically Patrick’s clone.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting him, Patrick has a prevalent, off-colored sense of humor, a great amount of integrity and grit, and can be a bit… loud. Jasper is much the same, and I’m lucky to have two of these characters in my life.

Since he was a tiny little one, when I want to roll my eyes at him for behaving so much like his father, I simply laugh and tell him that he is cheeky. Sometimes this adjective is endearing or loving; sometimes it holds more of an exasperated tone.

The other day, after school, we were walking up the stairs together, and Jasper “tooted” right in my face.

“I’m cheeky!” He pronounced, loudly.

I couldn’t contain myself.

Yes, you are…


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