Wait… What am I Supposed to Make for Lunch?

When Jasper goes to preschool next year, I’m supposed to pack him a lunch. I have no idea what I’m supposed to make him.

Peanut butter isn’t allowed at most schools because of the severity of many children’s allergies. Lunch meat causes cancer, now, so that’s out. Dinner leftovers require heating and time that I’m sure will be frowned upon.

My kid is a pretty good eater, but he won’t touch super processed foods like chicken nuggets or noodles, and I want to continue to help him develop a diverse palate. I could always start making home made soups in the crock pot and then heating them in a thermos for him in the morning. Otherwise… I’m left with yogurt and granola, maybe some sushi, or a salad. What four year-old doesn’t want to have something like that for lunch? And just how early am I supposed to get up to start chopping veggie sticks?


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