Why We Pledge

I love that I get to teach in a school that is liberal, and trusts teachers to put students’ interests first. One thing that is truly unique about the school I work in is that at no one ever makes any announcements, and no one ever leads the school in The Pledge of Allegiance.

When Patrick, my patriotic husband, heard about this, he was horrified.

“But you do The Pledge, on your own?” he asked.

“Sure, most of the time. When I can remember to. But there are lots of things happening in the morning, and if I don’t get to have any coffee…” I fumbled.

He steamed. I relented.

Now, each day, I make sure that my students join me in saying The Pledge. I never start it, and I’m never the loudest voice. Instead, I make sure that a different student begins it, and that all members are respectfully participating.

I don’t do this because my husband will yell at me, or because of some rule.

We pledge, because people across the country, throughout our history as a nation, have dedicated their lives for the ideals and freedoms that our flag represents. Each day, I acknowledge, and ask my students to acknowledge, the efforts and sacrifice of these men and women.

My husband, a Veteran, doesn’t thank others for their service.

He thanks them for our freedoms, which so many take for granted each day. Our children attend tax funded schools, regardless of race or gender. I can choose if I live or teach in a place that is conservative or liberal. I have the right to make of my life the best that I can. There are so many advantages to living in this imperfect nation, and so many things that we take for granted each day.

My sincerest thanks, today and every day, to all who sacrificed for these freedoms.

Image result for american flag veteran
“Freedom don’t come free…”

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