A Dog Named Kitty

Like most toddlers, Jasper isn’t very creative when it comes to naming his stuffed animals. Most are named for the animals that they represent.

Jasper’s favorite stuffed animal is named “Kitty.” She is a wonderful companion on trips to Sky Zone, Stop & Shop and car rides. Jasper shows her the birds in the trees, and she has been known to take sips from his juice cup. Kitty is the only toy that Jasper truly loves; Batman toys, cars and tractors don’t measure up.

But Kitty is not a cat at all. She is an American Husky .

I wish that I could say that her name was my kid demonstrating his wonderful sense of irony  or creativity at such a young age, but in truth, Jasper is just plain convinced that “Kitty” is a cat.

Who am I to tell him that he’s wrong?


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