The Fear I am Trying to Conquer

As a teacher, I have some strengths that I am proud of. I can honestly say that kids who leave my classroom know how to write with organization, use strong evidence, and have a stronger grasp of grammar than when they entered.

But I’m still a novice at teaching Writer’s Workshop.

And I cannot make a bulletin board display to save my life.

This year, I have really been pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Teaching blogs and Pinterest assure me that making bulletin boards is easy, and an important part of creating a nurturing environment.

So, this year, I have put together a number of displays that work to create an inclusive classroom, while documenting our progress through the curriculum. My students, who are all in my classroom for a second year, have been generous with their praise of my efforts, noting that they see me pushing myself to grow as a teacher. High praise from middle schoolers!


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