Top Picks of Westborough’s Parks

Westborough Parks and Recreation Department does a terrific job maintaining a vast number of playgrounds and fields for a variety of purposes. Here are some of our family’s favorites, based on their different purposes:

Kid’s Playgrounds (Although there are 10 different parks in town with playgrounds, my two favorites for little ones are…)

  1. Haskell Field- This is a great spot to take toddlers, as the playground is designed for younger kids. There is a porta-poty, as well as a water fountain and covered picnic area. This area is cleaned almost every day, and is as well maintained as the ball fields that it is attached to.
  2. 2. Roger’s Field- This is a small playground, but there is more than enough stuff to keep a kid entertained. There are also neighboring baseball fields that make a good picnic area during school hours.

Dog Walks

  1. Veteran’s Park- This is a huge field, with a cut path that almost always has a dog doing a lap or two. There are trash cans and tennis courts here, as well, and the fields abut Mill Pond, which is fun for doggies to dip in.
  2. Chauncey “Charm Bracelet”- There are miles and miles of trails behind the old State Hospital. The paths wind through woods, hills, fields and corn fields. There is a beach at the back where dogs can often be seen taking a swim, and there are a few different places along the paths to park. This is one of my favorite places to walk in the summer and fall.

Nature Walks

  1. Walk-Up Park- When we were kids, we used to make a pilgrimage here every week. There are well marked trails between the office parks, and plenty of cute benches to sit and watch the birds on, as well as some picturesque bridges and ponds.
  2. Sandra Pond- There are more than a few trails to choose from, here. All of them wind around the Pond, which is used as a town water supply. This was one of my favorite spots to go ice-skating during the winter, and the rec department still runs a summer program here.


The town boasts a small beach at Lake Chauncey, complete with lifeguards, a covered picnic area and playground. It is a fun spot for families!

*There are loads of neighborhood pools that families can join, as well as swimming available for various rates at the Y, Boston Sports Club and the Swim and Tennis Club.


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