The Pumpkin Mania Spreads to Toddlers

Image result for pumpkin flavor craze meme

Most of our kid’s experience with pumpkins this year has been at Story Land. We were lucky enough to visit more than a few times, and Jasper loved every minute we spent there.

One of the rides that we did during every visit was the magic pumpkin ride up to Cinderella’s Castle. Pulled by “horses” the magic pumpkin fits about 6 people, and Jasper would light up with glee every time that we rode inside the orange globe.

When pumpkins started popping up on porches, Jasper was sure to point them all out to me, making sure that I didn’t miss one.

We visited Tougas Farm last week, and he really only had eyes for the tractor. (Sorry apples, pumpkins, donuts, and petting zoo… you’re nothing compared to almighty TRACTOR.) We left without a pumpkin, and ended up buying them at one of my favorite local spots, Nourse Farm.

Jasper ran up and down the rows of pumpkins like a wild-man, and the lovely owners just laughed at my boisterous toddler taking in the glories of fall.

How cool is it that we live in a place with so many local, family friendly farms?

pumpkin patch


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