Advantages of Westborough: Plenty of Land to Hunt

It’s no secret that my husband never really wanted to move to the suburbs. He’s a country boy at heart, and swore that he would never live in an area where he could see our neighbors. In an effort to compromise, our house on the cul de sac abuts some conservation land, so that at least the back windows have an open view.

Hunting is a big part of life “in the country” and I assured Patrick that he could make a yearly pilgrimage to his homeland (Central New York) to hunt.

Then, Patrick discovered that there is an abundance of land in Westborough that is legal to hunt with a bow and arrow.

Wicked Local summarized the rulings from some town hall meetings,

Bowhunting is permitted on several public properties with permission from the police department. Hunting is allowed on portions of the Libbey Conservation Area & Wile Forest, a 110-acre parcel located off Adams Street; and two parcels of conservation land near the Massachusetts Turnpike known as Bowman West, measuring about 43 acres. Additionally, town-owned land behind St. Luke’s Cemetery, off of Route 135, is open to hunting, as is some private land owned by the church extending toward Cedar Swamp. Bowhunting also is permitted on town-owned land in the area of Route 30 and Glen Street, abutting the Tufts University campus; and a portion of the land between the ballfields near Haskell Street and Route 9.

Residents are required to go to the Police Department to secure a lisence, and may hunt from 1/2 hour before sunrise to 1/2 hour after sun set. I found some solid information and maps regarding hunting on the town website. 

There is a huge deer population in Westborough, and more than a few families have become a bit of a dangerous nuisance in our neighborhood, destroying gardens and dodging in front of cars. Last winter was tough on them, and they destroyed most of the vegetation in our yard. Hunting this population could help control it to prevent disease spreading and contain the nuisance that they cause. (Confession: They destroyed all of my hedges this spring, and we had to re-landscape half of the yard… I know they were hungry, but…)

Patrick is an outspoken spokesman for practicing safe hunting, including a long list of rules that were ingrained in him as a child living in a rural area. He truly believes in following all of these rules, for the safety of all, and respecting the animals.

Patrick is excited to hunt in Westborough, and at the thought of supplementing our diet with some great venison. Don’t tell Bambi, ok?


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