Farm to Table Dinner on the Cul de Sac

If you read bumper stickers, listen to NPR, or live in suburbia, you know that there is a huge movement to support local farms. People are joining CSAs left and right, and doing all that they can to buy food that isn’t “super processed.”

Last night, I made a dinner with all local ingredients.

It wasn’t very original, or very complicated. But it was easy, fast and delicious.

Caramel Apple Pork Chops. 

I used Pork Chops from Lilac Hedge Farm, which were far better than any that I’ve purchased from Stop & Shop (my nemesis) in the last 15 years. We had gone apple picking last week, so I had fresh Fuji apples from Tougas Farm, and I topped mine with a touch of honey from Nourse Farm in Westborough.

The result was honestly something that I’m proud of. Plus, now I could go to one of those hipster bars and honestly brag about how I love to make meals with local, fresh ingredients.


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