Truly Local and Sustainable Meat My Family Loves

Like many Americans, I was horrified after reading and watching “Fast Food Nation.” I was a senior in college when the film was released, and ready to take action, I began to purchase our meat from a local farm near our college in Central New York.

In the years since moving to Westborough, the organic and locally grown food movements have taken power. It seems like every suburb in Massachusetts has their own farmers’ market, and there are more farm CSA’s to choose from in Westborough than grocery stores.

My parents bought a share at Nourse Farm a few years ago, and we are regulars at Harvey’s Farm. Still, I found that I really missed the locally raised meats from my years in New York State.

Last month, Harvey’s Farm sent out an invitation to purchase meat from Lilac Hedge Farm. They raise Black Angus, a few different kinds of cows and sheep and chickens in the nearby town of Holden.

All of their animals are born and cared for in Holden, and are few a balance of grass and grains. (**Patrick despises grass-fed meat. As a discerning connoisseur from “the country,” he said that Lilac Hedge clearly knows what they are doing, and how to properly feed animals the right nutrients.**) The animals are slaughtered locally, in USDA approved slaughter houses, that are known for being humane. 

Excited, I started with a freezer full of different cuts, and was surprised at the reasonable prices. You can buy a couple of different cuts to try it out, if you’re not as daring. Instead of opting to join the CSA, I purchased a meat pack, choosing from items on a “Chinese Menu” sort of layout.  I was able to pick them up in Berlin, 5 minutes from my school. Lilac Hedge offers pick-ups in Holden, Boston and Westborough for their CSA members.

My whole family loved the meat, and I truly enjoy knowing that I am feeding them healthy, local, sustainable products. Jasper literally licked his plate at the end of dinner, giving it the toddler seal of approval- the highest marks, in our house.


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