Westborough Preschools: How to Secure Your Toddler’s Ticket to the Ivys

Even the newest suburban mom knows that her kid’s successful future depends on his attendance “the right” preschool.

Ok, I might be exaggerating a little, but this is clearly a stressful decision for the moms of Westborough. People move here because of the great school systems, and moms know that they need to get their kids’ education started out on the right foot.

If your kid goes to a daycare center, they probably offer a preschool and pre-kindergarten program, with built in friends from when your kid was younger tot. (Hold up-what’s the difference? The age of your kid.) Westborough has a few great centers, but my neighborhood loves Next Generation, and The Children’s Workshop also has some rave reviews.

Working moms need to find a preschool that offers full-day options, or face the nightmare of finding a nanny to drive a kid to and fro. Westborough has a few great places, like the JCC, that have a-la carte options, like additional science, technology,swim and music lessons that parents can pay for and assemble into an all inclusive package for your budding brainiac.

Then, there are the ultra-competitive preschools.

As a Westborough native, I attended Mrs. Allen’s Preschool, which was held in her house downtown. (My mom opted out of the Longmeadow Preschool down the street, and I remember her saying something about a competitive wait list…) The kids I met there really did remain my friends throughout my childhood, lending some merit to that remark about preschool being a life- changing experience.

These days, its no secret Ms. Tanya’s is the place to go in Westborough. They have a play-based learning program at a few different sites around town- one of them is at the former home of the Longmeadow school that was fashionable when I was a kid.

There are plenty of other great preschool options, including some at Hastings and the Lutheran Church. I’m sure they all turn out happy, bright kids who go on to attend Ivy League schools.

My kid is going to the cheapest place I could find in a neighboring town. I figure he’ll learn the important life lesson of how to make new friends when he gets to kindergarten. But don’t worry, I’ll teach him his multiplication tables before kindergarten so that he can fit in with the kids from Westborough preschools.


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