The Worst Day of My Life Happened at Babies’R’Us

“I can’t do this!!” I sobbed into Patrick’s shoulder, as the girl in the commercial purple polo shirt looked on, judging me and frowning.

My feet ached, and my freshly broken fingernail left my index finger throbbing. My head swam with feelings of inept failure, confusion and loss. How was I ever going to be a good mother if I couldn’t choose the right stroller?

When you’re pregnant, your hormones take control of your emotions. There’s nothing that you can do to calm yourself. I’m not a crier, but when I’m pregnant, insurance commercials can make me weepy. So, to be totally fair, the worst day of my life was probably influenced by my fluctuating emotions.

Registering for baby stuff was the worst day of my life.

I felt like I had prepared well, searching reviews online, reading blogs and lists, and completing a much of the heavy lifting on the computer as possible. (Blue sheets- check! Cute jet theme for the nursery- check!)

When we arrived at Babies’R’Us, Patrick and I picked up a scanner and took to the shelves. We naively scanned away, carefully choosing a diaper bag and baby shampoo. Then, I got a little stuck. I couldn’t figure out which bottles we should use. There are literally dozens of different brands, sizes and nipple flows. Do you buy the cheapest? Most expensive? How long do they last? Why hadn’t I been warned about this?!

When I was on the verge of a breakdown, Patrick suggested that we ask an employee. The twenty-year old dressed in purple just starred blankly at me. My tears spilling over, Patrick patiently suggested that we wait on bottles until I’d had the chance to do more research.

I sighed, envisioning my to-do list expanding with my waistline.

Then, we took to the car seat systems. These days, parents are expected to buy a base, car seat and stroller that all work together. You might want an extra base, seat, or stroller, depending on your family’s routine and structure. I had read up on the rating systems, and chosen the Graco line, which was one of the least expensive options.

We couldn’t figure out which car seat went with which base and stroller. Babies’R’Us supposedly has them labeled and matched, so that new parents can demo them in the store. These labels were clearly not done correctly, so none of the things were clicking in. I couldn’t find a single base that quickly snapped in! How was I supposed to figure out which one was easiest?! Which would fit into my car? What if I got stuck at the mall and couldn’t click the seat into the stroller?!

That’s when panic sunk in, and I lost it.

I had a full blown attack in the stroller aisle while Patrick, my loving husband, stood there helplessly.

We went home, and I curled into a sad ball on the couch. It was truly awful.Being the super dad that he is, Patrick ended up taking a day off of work to chose the right system for us. (Phew!)

I’m so glad that we don’t have to register, this time around. I seriously don’t think I could handle it.


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