Restaurant Guide to Westborough

I’m in the unique position of having grown up in the town that I am currently raising my family in. In some places in the America, this is the norm. In Westborough, its a bit unusual. I mean, who would want to hang around a “boring” suburb with a great school system, rec department and high taxes? (Seriously, I know exactly 1 person from my graduating class who stayed in town.)

The other night, I went out with some friends who are attending Tufts Veterinary School in Grafton, and they had no idea where they should go out to dinner with their parents on parents’ weekend. So, here’s my list of  the best restaurants in town, and when they’re just the right spot.

  1. Breakfast With Kids- The Rotary

This place is clean, and has huge booths. They’re open plenty early, and have friendly wait staff. There is plenty to choose from on the menu, and it is predictable for breakfast. And no one will raise an eyebrow at a tot who is waving a forkful of pancakes.

2. Couples’ Breakfast- Christina’s Cafe

Next door to the Rotary, Christina’s is still a family spot, but not great for kids under 5. They have a great selection of breakfast treats and coffee that really hits the spot.

3. Lunch on the Go- The New York Deli

While it may not be a “traditional” New York Deli if you’re from New York City,  it’s everything that a person could dream of in a quick deli. I usually order ahead, so that I don’t have to wait. They make their own lemonade and ice tea, the bread is fresh, and there are great vegetarian options. My personal favorite is the turkey with Boursin cheese and pineapple on foccacia. My brother likes their eggplant parm.

4. Business Lunch- Ted’s Montana Grill

There’s no rush here, unless you want it. They have tons of burgers, bison or beef, to choose from as well as some solid salads and such. Its a lively, pleasant atmosphere but quiet enough to have a private discussion.

5. Mid-Afternoon Ice Cream- Uhlman’s

To be clear, this is my favorite place to go any time of the day. They have ice cream made with real cream, sugar cones dipped in chocolate, dairy-free, sugar free… and anything else that a person could dream of in a sweet treat.

6. Family With Kids Dinner- The Chateau

Hands down, The Chateau does the best chicken fingers in town. We usually try to be a bit more adventurous with our eating, but when feeding a crowd, this is the place to go. They have your typical suburban-Italian food, for a reasonable price, and plenty of alcoholic beverages. In a town where the liquor licenses were hard to come by, this is saying something.

7. Date Night Dinner- Sparro/Tavalino

Ok, this one’s a tie. But to be fair, not everyone likes Korean food, or sushi, so I felt like I should add another option- Italian. These are two happening places in town, with a pretty good bars that are full on Friday at 6. They both have great service and booths, and have a big menu to choose from. Patrick and I almost always get Sparro to go on Friday nights when we’re skimping on a sitter, but looking for some fun food. But the wine list at Tavalino’s is honestly a bit superior.

8. Dinner With Your Parents- Arturo’s

Once upon a time, my family visited this restaurant on a weekly basis. These days, this is “THE SPOT” in town for the over 50 crowd, and for good reason. Arturo’s boasts some spectacular martinis, friendly wait staff, and a predictable, but delicious, menu. Their gluten free pizza is awesome, but their pasta dishes are the real reason to visit this spot.

9. Pizza- Bertucci’s

I’ve tried really hard to avoid naming any chain restaurants here, but I have to give this one to Bertucci’s. Westborough House of Pizza has bigger pies, Papa Gino’s delivers, and Uno’s has more selection, but Bertucci’s has the best crust. I like their whole grain pepperoni. I could eat it every day. Its thin, crispy and the sauce has roma tomatoes… So good.

10. Late Night- Harry’s

Harry’s has a special place in my heart, as I was a regular here when I was in high school. A family friendly diner, there isn’t really a bad time to visit. Harry’s has spectacular pie, mac’n cheese, cookies and omelets. They’re open from 7am-1am, but there are always more than a couple of cars in their parking lot. This spot is a Westborough landmark.

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