My Next Car Is Going to Be a Convertible

It happened. We are everything that we swore we would never be.

I feel like Patrick and I are living the reality of that commercial, where the couple makes promise after promise to themselves (“We’re never living in the suburbs!”) and then they are living in a cute post-war housing development in the next scene. In fact, I remembered a night, over a decade ago,  when I promised Patrick he would never have to live in a suburban neighborhood… but guess where we are now?

We also swore that we would never buy a minivan, but… it was the only car we drove that had an easily accessible 3rd row that also folded down without much fuss. I tried really hard to fight it but… we need it.

Just like our house on a quiet cul de sac, the minivan is the most practical choice for us right now. Jasper can climb in and out of the car, and seat, on his own. The DVD player  promises entertainment for the longest of car rides.


My next car is definitely going to be a convertible.

Or a Pilot.

5 thoughts on “My Next Car Is Going to Be a Convertible

  1. I’m one of those people who says I’ll never buy a minivan. Truth be told, I will do it if we have another kid. (Though I know my hubby will try to stop me!) They are so convenient!

    Good luck with the convertible. It is fun to dream about things like that, isn’t it?


  2. Yeah, that’s what I said…but we still need the minivan to cart our kids from one apartment and dorm room to the next. I’ll probably be ready for a walker before that convertible I, too, have coveted.


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