Why I HATE Pinterest

I can’t imagine that I’m alone.

This summer, I gave up countless hours of my time (many of them during the much cherished few hours of the day when my kid finally went down for a nap) planning for school. During my summer “off,” I worked, reading books about the new curriculum, trolling blogs to find better ways to teach my students, and searching the internet for fun ways to motivate and captivate the minds of middle schoolers.

While very little of this time was “fun” I do feel like I learned a great deal, and am excited to try out these new ideas in the coming months. But Pinterest continues to make me feel unequal to the task.

I hung up cute labels for my art supplies (this year’s theme is “sparkle.”)


But people on Facebook and Pintrest clearly did a better job than I did.

Image result for classroom supply labels

I hung up a cute “all about me” wall, and made a classroom name wall, so that we could all feel a part of a group. Pinterest did it better.


I did find a really great cell phone wall chart to use in the classroom (on said hated website,) so that kids can use and store their phones as needed.

The kids HATE it.

I’m hanging on to this sparkle theme, though. It’s got promise.


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