Sparkle Through Time Out

Glitter is not my thing.

I’m trying to be more of a “fun” teacher this year, and have added some sparkles to my room in an effort to step out of my comfort zone.

The truth is, I’m just not a sparkle person.

Even “fun” teachers need to help kids from losing control. As a teacher and a parent, I often find myself telling kids (ages 2-13) that they need to take a break. This is a time- tested strategy for parenting and teaching middle school. Before you judge, I don’t tell the middle school kids to go to time out, I just tell them to “take a few minutes” to pull it together.

More often than not, I ask the 12 year-olds to go for a walk and wash their hands, so that they can clear their minds. It is a part of the positive psychology system that our whole  school uses, and is surprisingly effective. But this year, my class is next to the bathroom (yup, it’s worse than it sounds.) Taking a “walk” to wash their hands wouldn’t help them much.

Fortunately, Facebook and one of my more brilliant colleagues discovered the fun that is the sparkle bottle.

It involves glitter glue, glitter and a willingness to mix these contents. I found the task daunting.

(Now, to be totally fair, my awesome colleague supplied said glue, water, and glitter.  And then I convinced her to help me make this truly awesome sparkle thing.)

Kids can shake it up, and then watch, mesmerized, while the glitter re-disperses throughout the bottle. I’m going to try one on the middle schoolers, and another on the two-year old.


I’ll let you know who enjoys it the most. But if the super glue doesn’t hold, and there’s a glitter explosion, I might need a time-out.


Please stop and leave a comment! I love knowing who stopped by, and what your thoughts are!

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