Don’t Take My Yoga Pants Away!!

During the summer, my basic uniform includes yoga pants, a long t-shirt and some comfy sneakers. Returning to the school year means that I have to put on pants that button and dresses that require careful scrutiny from my husband to make sure that they are school appropriate.

Schools across the country, including several in Massachusetts, are banning yoga pants from their hallways. I’m not sure how I feel about this. I have been known to occasionally wear yoga pants to school, paired with a tunic or longer sweater. I would hate to think that this comfortable, trendy outfit would only be allowed on weekends in the future, but…

You would be horrified to see the way that some kids come dressed to school. Actually, maybe you wouldn’t. (Think WalMart fashion fails.)

Every day, I see students in my classroom dressed in pajamas, yoga pants two sizes two small, “shorts” that make me blush at their lack of fabric, and… well, I hesitate to go any further. Some days, I wish that we had a stricter, well enforced dress code.

Would it really change anything?

By and large, the kids I teach respect adults and each other- more so than in the other school districts that I’ve taught in, which frankly had stronger dress codes. When questioned about their dress, my students always respectfully say that they just want to express themselves and be comfortable.

While I can certainly identify with that, what about workplace professionalism? These kids are going to need to know how to present themselves in a way that will help them secure jobs and success in the future.

But… there are plenty of people who function in society and wear yoga pants to work, they just make an effort to polish their outfits in a way that your average middle school student might not be able to do, just yet. (Including some middle school English teachers…)

One thing I know for sure is that it’s a good thing I have Patrick to check my ensemble before I walk out the door… and I’ll probably be sneaking in an outfit with yoga pants this week. I promise to keep it professional- just don’t tell my mom. She might make me change before going to school.


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