A Little Gym Time for the Kid Who Never Stops Moving

At the start of the summer, I stared at weeks of empty days, and debated my options. Worried that I’d suffer without some kind of structure, I ended up enrolling Jasper into gym class a couple of days a week at our local Little Gym.

He is fearless, and loves every minute there.

At home, he practices launching himself from the couch to the floor, somersaulting, and rolling about like a kitten with catnip. For the most part, I endulge these thrill-seeking adventures in the living room, but I draw the line at hanging from light fixtures.

He loves being able to go to The Little Gym and let out all of his energy. He is a sociable guy, and while he truly enjoys interacting with other kids, he isn’t a consistent participant in circle time (much to my chagrin.) He’ll jump and sing with the music, though, and is daring enough to try just about any of the activities that the instructors offer.

They keep their classes smaller than those at Gymboree, and the instructors take the time to check in with every tot in the class a couple of times each day. It is a really well run, friendly place and has added fun and predictibility to our routine.

I’ll miss “hanging around” with my thrill-seeker  when school starts, but am enjoying every last minute!


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