Please Excuse the Messy House… My Kid & I are Making Memories



I took a deep breath, and stepped back, a smile creeping across my face, even while I paused to examine how far the disaster had spread.

My toddler proudly pounded a wet fist against the floor, splattering paint further.

He laughed, proudly, and I couldn’t help but join in.

When I was growing up, my mom was one of those amazing and creative mothers who was known to coordinate  a week’s crafts and  books around a theme, each day we would produce different pieces of art to boastfully shove at my dad when he walked through the door. I’ve tried to introduce Jasper to some of the activities that she did with us, but so far, he’s expressed little to no interest in participating in any of them.

Somehow, these failures make me feel like I’m not doing motherhood justice.

More than once this summer, we ventured to Target (this is an adventure in itself with a toddler) to get all of the supplies that we need for a given activity, and then I’ve struggled to get my kid to sit still for 30 minutes while I set up said craft.

Despite all of the hype I work to create, he will participate willingly for about 5 minutes before moving on to play with toys in the living room, leaving me standing sad and lonely, entrenched in a mess, and questioning why I even bothered.

This weekend, I gave up trying to find some kind of art project that would engage him for more than 10 minutes. Instead, I opened up a couple of bottles of tempera paint and just let him have at it.

He laughed at his own efforts, thoroughly engaged for more time time than I could have hoped for.

Lesson learned: I can be a crafty mom, too, if I dare to leave Pinterest behind.


2 thoughts on “Please Excuse the Messy House… My Kid & I are Making Memories

  1. I think you just learned something really valuable. Pinterest is over-rated and all it does is give us moms anxiety and make us feel we’re not good enough. What you did with your son was smart, fun, and playful. Just like you remember making book-themed crafts with your mom, he is going to remember having fun with you.

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