How to Visit Story Land Like a Pro

We’ve had more than our fair share of trips to Story Land this year, and I can’t say enough good things about the theme park. It is clean, well managed, the lines aren’t too long, parking is easy and my tot can go on almost all of the rides, instead of feeling left out.( The park is targeted at kids under ten years old.) It is a perfect trip for young families.

Here are some of the secrets;

1. As stated on the website, if you enter after 3pm, you get a free pass to come back the next day. This way, families can break the fun up into two separate days.

2. The antique cars are everybody’s favorite, but probably aren’t worth the wait for a toddler. If you have older kids, and were waiting (a-la-Disney) for the doors to open, you should make this your first ride. Otherwise, skip it- it’s easily a 20-40 minute wait and the tractor rides at the top of the park are basically the same, with 1/4 the wait time.

3. Cinderella is there at opening, and is waiting in her castle to greet guests. Taking the ride in the “horse drawn” pumpkin carriage to the top of the hill is a must-do, as is the antique carousel with moving horses at the foot of the castle.

4. There are ample bathrooms and changing rooms for families, but don’t forget a changing pad. Next to each bathroom is a place for mothers to nurse in private air conditioning and change diapers. Story Land knows how to make a spot family friendly!

5. Pack a snack. Although Dunkin Donuts is open with the gates (and, thankfully, next to the entrance) most of the food vendors don’t open until much later. I always make sure to stash enough waters and granola bars to keep us all in good spirits until lunch time.

6. Don’t try to do it all… As a family, we try to limit our rides and adventures. We have the luxury of knowing that we’ll be back, so this might be easier said than done. This advice was given to us from one of my favorite locals, who is raising two young girls. He laughed that it is always better to stroll out the exit with two happy kids than to drag out his womenfolk, kicking, tear stained and hungry later in the day.


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